Thursday, March 8, 2012

Food really does matter!!

I recently watched a couple of documentaries that quite literally scared the hell out of me, The Beautiful Truth and Food Matters. Woah!! Talk about eye opening.  You see I have a love affair with food that varies from super healthy to super bad.

One of my biggest vices, until recently, was crisps.....oh I could smash a large bag of them in minutes, lick my fingers and then wonder if there was a second packet.  That is until I learned that they are loaded with MSG....that's right nasty MSG, they just call it something else on the packet (check out this link Truth in Labeling). Ever wondered why you can't stop at just one or two handfuls?  MSG is a flavour enhancer that actually turns off receptors in the brain that tell you "I have had enough", it makes you want  more...and more....and more.  My other weakness....sugar, in particular chocolate.  Luckily I have found,  Loving Earth, an amazing Australian company based in Melbourne.  They truly make the most delicious raw chocolate and are a hub for all your superfood needs.  Take a look at their website and get ready to drool, you will be hot footing it to your nearest health food store to stock up.

Anyway as a result of watching the doco's nothing  processed has passed my lips since Saturday.  I  have spent a lot of time making the effort to cook everything from scratch.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks all lovingly prepared with quality ingredients (organic/pesticide free where ever possible).  I also downloaded a great IPhone app called Chemical Maze.  It helps you to decipher preservatives/additives etc so you know what you are putting into your mouth.  I went through my pantry and did quite the clean out.

My goal is to continue educating myself about nutrition, preparing healthful foods and making small changes day by day so that this new way of eating becomes a way of life.  I have no doubt that I will fall off the wagon along the way, but I will get straight back on because this means a lot to me.

Here are some pics of this weeks cooking.


  1. Crisps are my FAV FAV FAV too, oh God, love them damn things. Didn't know they were loaded with MSG- yuck! Love your passion girl, thanks for sharing. Keep er coming. xoxxxx

  2. Oh Laney bird I know....knowing that they are sooooo bad makes it much easier to say no to them.